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Silver age Comic Grab Bags Marvel, dc, Spider-man,Daredevil,Thor,Hulk,Avengers,

Наявність на складі: Товар не доступний
Артикул: 332317553074
Постачальник: bloodbath211 (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Oswego, Illinois
Рейтинг постачальника: 99.9 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 5 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 5405 грн. + розтаможка 1203 грн.

Main Character: Spider-Man
Publisher: Marvel, DC

Ціна: 7807 грн

Товар не доступний, користуйтеся пошуком.

BloodBath Comics 

High End Silver Age Era Comic Book Grab Bag.

     I'm sure many of you remember the Willy Wonka movie. If you do, then you will remember the golden ticket wrappers for the candy bars. That's what the theme for this grab bag is.  If you only see regular card board when you open your grab bag then you received a normal, but still very nice comic grab bag. If you open your package and see a silver wrapped grab bag, then you have received a fantastic grab bag. However if you open one of our packages and see a golden wrapped grab bag it's time to get excited because you have received one of the prized bags. Wait can there possibly be more? Yes if open the package and see a black wrapping paper you have landed 1 of only 2 Platinum grab bags. Pause, now go ahead and celebrate. Finally on this roller coaster of comic fun we have the best grab bags of all. When someone opens there package and see's white wrapping paper this confirms you have landed again 1 of only 2, but the mother of all bags. This is the Atomic bag, and while these won't allow you to retire. They will definitely make you feel like Charlie when he found Wonka's last Golden Ticket!! And this is the experience we can deliver with our grab bag system. Emotions up and down along with the thrill to come with every package delivered. The anticipation will be the only unpleasant part of the process. You will feel catered to, with exceptional service every time. Please understand this though, the comics in the pictures are the types of books you may receive, but may not be the exact books you get. We have sold over 1,200 grab bags with 5 comics in each one. That's 6,000 comics and there's no way to show all these books. So just use the photo's as an example of the type of comics in this grab bag system. We have more books coming in then going out so the books are always changing. Although, this system maintains high quality and better grades. Also there are more graded comics and key issues. This is of course the reason for the increase in price.

How does our High End grab bag system work?

  It's very simple allow me to explain. We sell 100 individual grab bags at a time. Or stock 100 total per listing. This makes it easier for us to show the odds and chances of getting certain colored / valued grab bags. I will elaborate further by describing your odds per 10 grab bags. If we have 10 grab bags there will be around 5 silver wrapped grab bags, and 2 gold wrapped grab bags per 10. That only leaves 3 regular grab bags per 10 sold. That's roughly a 70% chance of a silver wrapped or a gold wrapped grab bag. Now also please remember that in this high end system there are also Platinum and Atomic wrapped grab bags. These are the rarest and most valuable of all by far. There are only 2 Platinum's and 2 Atomic wrapped grab bags for each new 100 grab bags listed. So when we restock 100 new grab bags there are 4 new epic grab bags available. Now allow us to explain what each grab bag color or value is.

Difference between all the different color grab bags!

This system is based off 100 individual grab bags!

(Red Padded Envelope)=Regular Grab Bag=$143-$199        26- total for each 100 

(Silver Padded Envelope)=Silver Grab Bag=$200-$299         50- total for each 100

(Gold Padded Envelope)=Gold Grab Bag=$300-$599            20- total for each 100

(Black Padded Envelope)=Platinum Grab Bag=$600-$1,199           2- for each 100

(Green Padded Envelope)=Atomic Grab Bag=$1,200-$2,500          2- for each 100

"Please note we have changed the colors of a few bags. We added a new photo showing the changes. And added values below each colored bag to make it easier to understand. Hope this helps"

Every comic book grab bag Guarantees the following:

1- 5 comic books in each individual grab bag.

2- 1 silver age era comic, with the chance to receive up to 5 silver age era in one grab bag. There can be other era's such as golden, bronze, copper, and modern. However a normal grab bag has 3-4 silver age era comics, and a few nice bronze.

3-  You will NEVER receive less than 143.00 dollars in comic book values. This means all 5 comic books combined totals added together. In other words we grade the comics as best as we can. Then look up the book value with the grade we decided and find the Comic Book Value. Meaning the price guide value, NOT what you can buy them for.

4- All comics in every grab bag will always be bagged and boarded.

5- All grab bags will always be shipped priority, and with card board on both sides of the 5 comics. Safe and securely shipped every time.

6- We will always have the book value tagged on each of the more valuable comic books. This makes it easier to see how we came to the color bag.

 BloodBath Comics Grab Bags

Every grab bag contains 5 comics no matter what!!!!!!!

Please write in the feedback of your grab bag results. We have sold over 2,100 grab bags and only around 30% write if they received a gold or a silver or a platinum. Also, please the write issue and comic in your feedback. This way, people can see that this is the most honest and real grab bag on ebay. Thanks!

This is some of my real feedback. Check out some of the most recent feedback.

blackhawk88nc ( 187) Got a graded Iron Man 1 and Batman 167!!! Will be back to buy again! A+

comicgeek2 ( 775)Great stuff! Captain America 108, FF 74, Liked it so much I ordered another!!!

tcu_hornedfrogs ( 1955) GOLD BAG! Couldn't be happier! $500+ in value! Will buy from again! Thanks! A++

-trombly2007 ( 215) GOLD!!! Captain Marvel #1, ASM #74, Thor #176, Third time's a charm. very cool!

-surf_dude ( 220) Repeat Customer, got silver w/ certified book wow! submariner,superman,daredevil

-rydar74 ( 292) This was the best grab bag that I have ever purchased! Awesome books! Thank you!

-flexycloud9 ( 645  X-men 8, Daredevil 61, Tales To Astonish 60??? Amazing books!!Great Deal!!

Why sell comics like this?

  I have bought grab bags on ebay and I too really enjoy the excitement. Who doesn't like the unknown and the mystery? I have discovered many of the grab bag systems out there are plain, simple and boring. Where's the thrill in opening up a multiple bag purchase and not only are your comics shipped poorly (without bags or boards), but all of the comics are just mixed together? There's no way to tell which bag is which. In seconds, your comics are revealed and the game is over.

 Titles and Issues 

  I have a very large collection and I am always buying and selling so my collection is constantly changing. However, I am mostly a Marvel and DC guy so characters like SPIDER-MAN, HULK, IRON MAN, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, FLASH, SUB-MARINER, DAREDEVIL, X-MEN, CAPTAIN MARVEL, WOLVERINE, GREEN LANTERN, CAPTAIN AMERICA, GHOST RIDER, AVENGERS, FANTASTIC FOUR, THOR and many many more are the types of comics that I normally put in these along with others of course. Every bag will be different so these titles are not guaranteed, but likely. The age of the comics will vary from golden all the way to modern age, but as I said there will always be 1 silver age era comic in every bag, no matter the type. 

Shipping- 1st purchase-$7.00, additional bags discounted to $4.99 per bag after that.

   Who likes to wait? Not me. I doubt you do too. That's why I only use first class or priority. Never anything less. Every bag will be safely packaged and will always be secure.  Some other guys' comics are shipped poorly and have no bags or boards. My system goes the extra step in every way. All comics are bagged and boarded and most are in brand new resealable bags. When you buy 5 or more, I use card board for each bag and bubble wrap around all the bags. I then stuff the heavy duty box with paper or filler so they don't move around. When you get the gold or silver, it is wrapped with the gold or silver paper with my personal "?" on every one. You will always feel like this took some thought and time to make this bag, unlike some other grab bags out there.

    For fastest turn around on receiving your bags please buy Saturday or Sunday that way they go out on Monday and you receive that week. When someone buys late in the week sometimes they don't move until the following week.

Well I think that's it! I work very hard to make this a fun way to buy comics and I am always looking to make it better. For obvious reasons there are no returns. Feel free to ask questions and give your input. I will respond right away. Thanks again and enjoy!!!

You will never get less than $143.00 in comic book value ever........

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