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"Charge Across the Harpeth" John Paul Strain Civil War Print

Наявність на складі: В наявності
Артикул: 272757388621
Постачальник: airplanesandmore (всі товари)
Місцезнаходження: Flower Mound, Texas
Рейтинг постачальника: 99.8 (95 і більше надійний постачальник)
Час відправки товару після заказу: 5 днi (додається до часу доставки)
Час доставки в Україну: 5-20 днів*

Вартість: 6750 грн. + 972 грн. (доставка) + розтаможка 1875 грн.

Original/Reproduction: Original Print
Edition Type: Limited Edition
Edition Size: 350
Artist: John Paul Strain
Style: Realism
Listed By: Dealer or Reseller
Print Type: Lithograph
Size Type/Largest Dimension: Medium (Up to 30")
Date of Creation: 2000-Now
Signed?: Signed
Features: Unframed
Subject: Civil War
Print Surface: Paper

Ціна: 9597 грн


Artist John Paul Strain captures the color, drama and heroism of the Civil War with a vivid realism that is unique among the nation's top-ranking historical artists. A native Southerner born in Nashville, Tennessee, John Paul Strain has studied American History and the War Between the States in particular practically all of his life. He received his formal training at BYU, polished his professional techniques as an illustrator for the U.S. Department of Energy, and soon afterwards entered the field of historical fine art, prints and posters.

His work met immediate success and was showcased at a premiere gallery in the Rocky Mountains. Acclaimed for his paintings of the Old West, he eventually moved to Texas to work full time in the field of historical art. His early art, prints and posters depicting Civil War subjects produced the same enthusiastic response as his Western Art, and in the 1980s John Paul Strain began to concentrate on the Civil War. Few artists in the field have gained such widespread popularity so quickly.

His art, prints and posters are now acclaimed among collectors, who prize his studies of Lee, Jackson, Forrest and other Civil War leaders, as well as his scenes of conflict and pageantry. His distinctive artistic style, which combines bright colors and contrasting shadows, and his devotion to historic authenticity have dramatically increased his popularity. Today, his original art is displayed throughout America and among collectors of fine art limited-edition Civil War prints. Artist John Paul Strain has become an American favorite.

"Charge Across the Harpeth" John Paul Strain S/N Limited Edition Print

General Nathan Bedford Forrest

Hughes Ford - Franklin, Tennessee

November 30, 1864

Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest envisioned what was coming. He had reconnoitered Federal fortifications earlier that morning from the upstairs balcony of the McGavock home at Carnton plantation. It was clear to Forrest, after three years of battlefield experience, that the enemy troop strength and breastworks were far too strong for a frontal assault. Forrest had aggressively protested General Hood's plans to attack the center of the Federal position. Hood had replied "I do not think the Federals will stand strong pressure from the front." General Forrest remarked, "General Hood if you will give me one strong division of infantry with my cavalry, I will agree to flank the Federals from their works within two hours' time."

Not only did Hood not give General Forrest the division of infantry requested, Hood split Forrest's cavalry command in half, sending one section under the command of Chalmers to protect the left flank and Forrest to protect Hood's right.

Undaunted, Forrest was determined to try and turn the Federal's flank with what remained of his battle seasoned cavalry and escort. Forrest did not wait for the general attack that was to begin at four o'clock. At about 2:45pm Forrest and his cavalry charged across the Harpeth River at Hughes Ford, 3 miles upstream from Franklin. Federal cavalry protecting the river crossing, under the command of Brig. Gen. John T. Croxton, were quickly pushed back or overrun.

When Union cavalry commander Brig. General James H. Wilson received word at 3 p.m. that a portion of his command had retreated and that Forrest was crossing the river, he ordered reinforcements from the rest of his division to move south from the Brentwood Turnpike and attack Forrest. These forces were armed with seven shot Spencer Carbine repeating rifles.

It seemed for awhile that Forrest would be successful in turning the Federal left flank, thereby saving thousands of southern boys from certain death. But Wilson, using the tactic of dismounting his cavalry to fight on foot, which Forrest had perfected earlier in the war, stopped the southern cavalry's advance with volley after volley from repeating rifles.

General Wilson would later write in his report, "Upon this occasion General Hood made a fatal mistake, for it will be observed that he had detached Forrest, with two divisions of his corps, in a side operation, which left him only Chalmer's Division to cooperate with the main attack of his infantry. Had his (Forrest) whole cavalry force advanced against me, it is possible that it would have succeeded in driving me back."

As he heard the roll of thunder, the sound of battle in Franklin, General Forrest envisioned what was happening to his brothers-in-arms.

18-1/4" by 29-1/4" image size, Signed and Numbered print, limited to 350 - $200

Also available in these formats:

18-1/4" by 29-1/4" image size, Signed and Numbered Artist Proof Print, limited to 75, with Remarques - $300 

16-3/4" by 25" Signed and Numbered Studio Canvas Giclee, limited to 95 - $275 - SOLD OUT

16-3/4" by 25" Signed and Numbered Studio Canvas Giclee Artist Proofs, limited to 10 - SOLD OUT

22-3/4" x 34" Signed and Numbered Classic Canvas Giclee, limited to 75 - $525 - SOLD OUT

22-3/4" x 34" Signed and Numbered Classic Canvas Giclee Artist Proofs, limited to 15 - SOLD OUT

27 3/4" x 41" Signed and Numbered Executive Canvas Giclee, limited to 10 - $1200 - SOLD OUT

27 3/4" x 41" Signed and Numbered Executive Canvas Giclee Artist Proofs, limited to 4 - $1400 - SOLD OUT

Special Remarque                    Special Remarque on Artist Proof Only

Remarques on Lithographic Artist's Proof Print Edition Only

All Limited Edition prints are signed and numbered (S/N) by the artist and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Limited Edition prints are restricted to a certain number. For example, if 400 prints are made from an original painting, once they’re gone, that’s it. There is no limit to the number of open edition prints of a particular painting. That’s why Limited Edition prints are more expensive — and more valuable to collectors — than "open" edition. Rare objects are more valuable.

An Artist’s Proof (AP), generally, is the first 10% of the Limited Edition prints that come off the press. If the Limited Edition is 400 s/n, there would be 40 APs. This status is noted on the print. Collectors prefer APs because their value increases even more than a Limited Edition as time goes by.

A remarque is a drawing done in the white border area of an art print. The subject of the remarque is usually determined by the artist. Each remarque is a piece of original art which adds to the value of the print by making that particular print unique and exclusive from the rest of the prints in the edition.

All Limited Edition artwork is subject to availability at time of order. Although seller strives to remain current as to inventory, seller reserves the right to cancel a sale if item is no longer available at time of purchase.

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